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Nye Beach Where Lazy Ocean Hugs the Shore: The Most Iconic Beaches Around Newport, OR When living on the Pacific coast, the beauty of beach life is your reality. You will enjoy beautiful sunsets, stunning views, the vast ocean, and the abundance of sea wildlife. Spending life around this natural wonder may have raised your marine and coastal standards. If you’re familiar with inland living, you might consider changing your […]
Bank Owned Properties Housing recovery: The Shifting Sands of Coastal Real Estate According to the New York Times article published yesterday (New Indications Housing Recovery is Underway), there is indication of a significant recovery in the housing market. This article does point out some trends that apply to Coastal real estate such as an increasing inventory in most price ranges and a reduction in the number of […]
Bank Owned Properties Bank Owned Properties on the Central Oregon Coast: Prize or Pitfall? During your search for a home on the Oregon Coast, have you thought about purchasing a bank owned property? People have a fairly accurate impression that great bargains in the form of deeply discounted prices can be found within this category. While generally true, bank owned properties present several unique challenges. Read on to become […]
Coastal Events Clamming on the Oregon Coast Pity the poor novice when they begin to try the native sport of clamming in Waldport, Newport, or elsewhere on the beautiful central Oregon coast. Like the fellow pictured above they often attack the clams with their shovel rather than using the time honored ‘stealth’ approach. You see, when you walk out the front door […]
Living on the Coast Attention All Readers and Writers ! Lately those looking for Oregon Coast real estate, particularly those looking for beachfront property in Newport and Yachats, have noticed something new. Poetry groups, writers workshops, and reading clubs have been springing up like proverbial mushrooms after a spring rain. It seems that retired folks actually enjoy snuggling up in front of a woodstove or […]
Newport Oregon Real Estate Some Quirks about Real Estate in Newport Oregon You have to look at a map to understand that you have to travel east from Newport to reach San Diego. Real estate in Newport, like the rest of the country, has an west-to-east weather pattern. The problem (and the delight) about Lincoln County Real Estate is that the mighty Pacific Ocean is our neighbor. […]
Oregon Coast Real Estate Newport Oregon Open House, Saturday, Feb 20 Get Directions:  919 NW Spring Street, Newport MLS Number: 10-450 Open 1 – 3 pm
Living on the Coast The Ona Beach Wonderland – Joy on the Oregon Coast There is a beach that many consider the most beautiful on the Central Oregon Coast. It is Ona Beach and is located about 10 miles south of Newport. Yet another in a string of beautiful public parks, Ona beach has some surprises for the first time visitor. The parking area is located just off highway […]
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Living on the Coast Yachats 804 Trail Adventure There is a trail in Yachats, Oregon that was deeded to the citizens after a lengthy court proceeding. It is an old ‘road’ from the late 1800’s and is the most pleasant and famous stroll in southern Lincoln County. Today it is no more than a dirt trail that hugs the Pacific coast only a few […]
Oregon Coast Real Estate South Beach Real Estate: Open Houses December 19 & 20 Saturday December 19, 2009, 11am – 3pm Details:  MLS 09-1491 Directions: 52 SW 95th St, South Beach Sunday, December 20th, 11am – 4pm Details and directions: Regatta Condos at Yaquina Bay
Oregon Coast Real Estate Five reasons to hire an Oregon Coast Real Estate Pro With everything available online these days, people frequently ask, “Why should we hire a real estate agent?” They are curious if they couldn’t buy or sell a home through the web without a licensed broker. While some non-brokered transactions work out, many don’t. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider hiring a professional real […]
Living on the Coast Cascade Head Offers a Rare Oregon Wonderland Thanks to the Nature Conservancy a special place known as  Cascade Head  is forever protected from development. Heading north through Lincoln County, Oregon, a driver will see a small sign on Highway 101 simply stating ‘Three Rocks Road’. A left turn at this sign opens into an artist’s community and a trail to the top […]
Living on the Coast A Peaceful Bird Sanctuary The Siletz Bay is a shallow-water oasis of birdwatching located just south of Lincoln City, Oregon. If you drive past the new oceanfront and bayfront condos at the southern boundry of Lincoln City you will find hundreds of square miles of a kayaker’s and birdwatcher’s garden of delights. This federally designated area contains shoreline, flood […]
Coastal Events Nye Beach is Funky No More Good golly, what’s going on in the historic Nye Beach district of Newport, Oregon? The upgrades continue in Nye Beach as the art galleries and artists compete for space with the ocean front condos. In an area remembered better for turn of the century summer cottages and colorful rapscallions, ocean view homes are rendering the […]
Coastal Events Yaquina Lighthouse Beacon Beckons It’s true… They’ve opened the lighthouse to the public! One mile north of Newport,  the Yaquina Head Lighthouse has been a beacon to shipping since 1873.  It is the tallest lighthouse in Oregon and now has been opened by the park service. Costumed employees invite visitors to climb the spiraling  staircase all the way to the […]
Coastal Events Oregon coast storm inspires surfing inside Yaquina Bay When the big storms hit the Oregon Coast, surfers grab their boards and head to the Newport jetty. It is an open secret that the wintertime waves produce a once-a-year chance to surf inside the bay People drinking coffee in their condos  can watch surfers in the protected bay ride the waves directly under the […]
Oregon Coast Real Estate Oregon Coast Open Houses: Sunday November 15th We hope you’ll come explore this coming weekend’s Open Houses hosted by brokers of Windermere West Coast Properties: Sunday November 15th 425 SE Scenic Loop  – Newport – 11 am to 1 pm: Regatta Condos at Yaquina Bay– 11 am to 4 pm: