Living on the CoastOregon Coast Real Estate November 29, 2009

A Peaceful Bird Sanctuary

siletz bay

The Siletz Bay is a shallow-water oasis of birdwatching located just south of Lincoln City, Oregon.

If you drive past the new oceanfront and bayfront condos at the southern boundry of Lincoln City you will find hundreds of square miles of a kayaker’s and birdwatcher’s garden of delights. This federally designated area contains shoreline, flood plain, and grassland that is the home of scores of Oregon coastal birds and wildlife. Hawks and eagles compete with Canadian geese and all types of waterfowl for nesting and feeding space. Even wild swans can sometimes be spotted if conditions are just right.

Although no motorized boats are allowed, canoes and kayaks are welcome to share in the world class birding opportunities. Closer to the beach the tidal flats of the Siletz bay offer clams and cockles. At the mouth of the bay folks can even use their crab pots… right from the shore!

For photographers the opportunities are limitless as the evershifting light plays among the small tree covered islands. Sunset will often seem to light the deep forest with an otherworldly golden glow. And all this is located within a ten minute bike ride to your Oregon coast property.