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Where Lazy Ocean Hugs the Shore: The Most Iconic Beaches Around Newport, OR

When living on the Pacific coast, the beauty of beach life is your reality. You will enjoy beautiful sunsets, stunning views, the vast ocean, and the abundance of sea wildlife. Spending life around this natural wonder may have raised your marine and coastal standards.

If you’re familiar with inland living, you might consider changing your location. Head west and check out the homes for sale in Newport, OR.

Newport offers an extraordinary coastal position – it’s nestled on the Oregon central coast, about halfway in between the borders of California and Washington. Its closest neighbors are the ocean and the Siuslaw National Forest, while the vicinity of the Willamette Valley makes Newport an ideal place for living.

However, since the coast is the key ingredient to Newport life, here is the shortlist of the most important and beautiful beaches around the town. Check it with your brokers in Newport, OR, and ask them for more tips.


Nye Beach

Apart from being a piece of coastline, Nye Beach is also the name of the central district in Newport, which makes it an inevitable first stop on our small tour around the Newport coast. It is made of small historical streets overlooking a grand beachfront.

Nye Beach was founded in the early 19th century, by demarcating the piece of coastal land between the Yaquina River and a rocky formation known as Jump-off Joe, which collapsed in 1916. At the time, the area was known as Nye Creek and at first, was part of the Coast Indian Reservation. Then the local merchant homesteaded it and by the end of the 19th century, it became the summer vacation destination for locals.

The beach is perfect either for surfing (including water, kite, and windsurfing) or just walking around and enjoying its scenic viewpoints with family.

This historical recreational area is a perfect getaway when you get tired of the busy downtown streets and lies at your fingertips. Check with your real estate agency in Newport, OR for houses for sale around it.


Cobble Beach

We have already mentioned Cobble Beach in the recent article about the Yaquina Head Natural Outstanding Area. Some say it is the greatest among the Newport beaches. Nevertheless, it is considered to be one of the hidden treasures of Oregon, offering a unique experience.

Situated under the iconic Yaquina Head Lighthouse, the beach offers fantastic views both over the ocean and the land. It consists of black, shiny pebbles. Together with wind and water, they make a loud noise of sea waves. Additionally, there are gorgeous tide pools around the cove, where visitors can explore the abundance of the local wildlife, enjoying the white noise sound of the ocean.

The black color of Cobble Beach makes it one of the most unique treasures in all of Oregon while making Newport residents proud of their neighborhood.


South Beach

Beginning in south Newport and stretching for several miles along the coast, South Beach forms the South Beach State Park, the major coastal recreational area for locals. The beach is a typical Westcoast stretch, made of a broad, sandy shore, well maintained, with easy access for everyone.

There are both biking and walking trails, as well as a playground, horseshoe pits, and a premier 9-hole disc golf course. If you’re into kitesurfing, crabbing, fishing, boating, or canoeing, this site won’t disappoint you. When you get hungry, plenty of cafes and restaurants in the area will help you enjoy local cuisine or craft beer. For those who like cooking, the fish market offers a wide variety of seafood supplies.

Additionally, the existing year-round campgrounds in the park offer more than 300 campsites, with drinking water, flush toilets, and hot showers, including many recreational activities in the water or outside it.


Lost Creek State Park

If you continue going south, you won’t miss another vast piece of a shore hugged by the lazy ocean. Lost Creek is an ideal place for those looking for a less crowded beach in the Newport area. It is situated halfway between Newport and Seal Rock and is easily accessible from the small parking lot.

The large portion of the sea is excellent for whale watching in the winter and spring or just enjoying sunsets every day. Since the Westcoast produces a lot of small marine flora and fauna, this site is a great spot for beachcombing. When you get tired of it, there is a picnic area where you can enjoy ocean views after a long day.


Holiday Beach

Only several miles away from the Lost Creek State Park, lies a hidden cove called Holiday Beach. It is located on a desolate 10 miles-long strip of a wide, sandy beach. This spot perfectly corresponds to what it means to be the hidden gem of Oregon. It cannot be found on maps and isn’t marked with signage, yet it is a true example of natural beauty. The entrance to the Holiday Beach and Thiel Creek Area that surrounds it lies south of MP 146 and goes through the small trail.

The golden cliffs around 30 feet high encircle the beach. If you climb up through the trail, the views will astound you. If you step onto the beach, however, the endless cliff structures along the soft, sandy coast will amaze you as well. They make the sunsets here even shinier.

If you’re looking for a house for sale in Newport, OR, and the area, it is good to know that this jewel will be closely accessible once you move in.


Ona Beach State Park

If you continue to stroll through the Lost Creek and go 3 miles south, another Newport attraction will emerge. It is the place where the Beaver Creek State Park opens to the ocean, including beachfront and marsh habitats.

The beach is easily accessible, which makes it one of the favorite weekend getaways for Newport residents. You just walk through a park over the bridge to get to the beach. Then you can start enjoying its scenery – wave-cut platforms, tide pools, and other fossil-rich formations. The area is rich in wildlife, including whales, salmon, seals, sea lions, and birds.

The beach is ideal for long walks. Those who have dogs especially enjoy this route. After approximately two miles of going south, you will reach the Seal Rock Area and the iconic Elephant Rock. Although Oregon is full of such rock formations along the coast, this one stands as one of the most notorious among them.


Coast Life Is The Best Life

The Oregon coast has many nice towns to offer. However, not many of them can boast of such a wide variety of beaches as Newport. Not only does the town have its own beachfront, but its neighborhood is also rich with many various scenic beach areas.

Newport locals consider themselves lucky because it is possible to go to different beaches every weekend and not get bored. If you want to be able to enjoy these amazing beaches for yourself on a regular basis, search for land for sale in Newport, OR, and give yourself a chance to become spoiled with the Pacific wonders.