Newport Oregon Real Estate Some Quirks about Real Estate in Newport Oregon You have to look at a map to understand that you have to travel east from Newport to reach San Diego. Real estate in Newport, like the rest of the country, has an west-to-east weather pattern. The problem (and the delight) about Lincoln County Real Estate is that the mighty Pacific Ocean is our neighbor. […]
Living on the Coast Newport Oregon Real Estate: tips for your house-hunting visit Summer is a wonderful time to visit the Oregon Coast. Especially if you are in the market for a full time or vacation residence. The weather is warm and everything is very green. So the question is, “how do I see all there is to see and find out what Coastal living is all about?” […]
Living on the Coast Does it really rain in Newport ? Some people are of the opinion that it frequently rains along the beautiful central Oregon Coast. While it is true that the area can sometimes see up to 80 inches of rain per year, the drama of a winter storm is absolutely worth the experience. Imagine sipping hot tea in front of a roaring fire […]
Living on the Coast The secret to crabbing on the Oregon Coast There is one simple secret to extremly productive crabbing on the Oregon Coast. Just drive to the Alsea Bay in the little town of Waldport, 15 miles south of Newport. The bar at the mouth of the  Alsea (pronounced Al-see) Bay silted up a hundred years ago. Only the smallest of boats ever cross this […]
Visitor Favorites Newport’s Haunted Lighthouse Most tourists don’t know that there are two lighthouses in Newport Oregon. There is the  ‘real’ one at Yaquina Head  which is two miles north of town, and the ‘haunted’ one overlooking the jetty at the entrance to Yaquina Bay.  The haunted lighthouse had a run of bad luck dating back to the late 1800’s. […]
Tips April Open House Weekend on the Oregon Coast Windermere West Coast Properties & Real Estate Gallery is pleased to participate in National Open House Weekend,  April 10th & 11th. Saturday, April 3rd, 11am – 4pm Saturday, April 10th, 11am – 4pm Sunday, April 11th, 11am – 4pm Details and directions: Regatta Condos at Yaquina Bay Green-built Condos – 9 Units RemainingInvest with Friends and Family: […]
Tips March Open Houses on the Oregon Coast Saturday, March 13th 11am – 4pm Sunday, March 21st 11am – 4pm Saturday, March 27th 11 am – 4 pm Details and directions: Regatta Condos at Yaquina Bay Green-built Condos – 9 Units Remaining. Invest with Friends and Family: Up to 4 Owners Allowed
Coastal Events Newport Seafood and Wine Festival this weekend! Newport’s biggest party roars into town this weekend. For the 32nd time, the finest wines and seafood in the Pacific Northwest will be on display at the South Beach Marina Event Center. Over 100 booths will feature the bounty of seafood, grapes, cheeses and other local fresh Northwest fare. The event attracted 24,000 people in […]
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Living on the Coast Moving From California to Oregon: What I’ve learned Once upon a time…..I was the “Not-From-Around-Here” Girl: flashy car, acrylic nails, Sun-In hair and 20 pairs of high heeled sandals.  I drove up here on a whim, fell in love with the coast, gave my notice at my job and started house hunting.  That was 15 years ago.  Since then I have learned a […]
Oregon Coast Real Estate Newport Oregon Open House, Saturday, Feb 20 Get Directions:  919 NW Spring Street, Newport MLS Number: 10-450 Open 1 – 3 pm
Living on the Coast The Ona Beach Wonderland – Joy on the Oregon Coast There is a beach that many consider the most beautiful on the Central Oregon Coast. It is Ona Beach and is located about 10 miles south of Newport. Yet another in a string of beautiful public parks, Ona beach has some surprises for the first time visitor. The parking area is located just off highway […]
Living on the Coast Yachats 804 Trail Adventure There is a trail in Yachats, Oregon that was deeded to the citizens after a lengthy court proceeding. It is an old ‘road’ from the late 1800’s and is the most pleasant and famous stroll in southern Lincoln County. Today it is no more than a dirt trail that hugs the Pacific coast only a few […]
Coastal Events Newport Oregon Real Estate: Holiday Season Open Houses Sunday, December 27th, 11am – 4pm Details and directions: Regatta Condos at Yaquina Bay
Oregon Coast Real Estate South Beach Real Estate: Open Houses December 19 & 20 Saturday December 19, 2009, 11am – 3pm Details:  MLS 09-1491 Directions: 52 SW 95th St, South Beach Sunday, December 20th, 11am – 4pm Details and directions: Regatta Condos at Yaquina Bay
Oregon Coast Real Estate Five reasons to hire an Oregon Coast Real Estate Pro With everything available online these days, people frequently ask, “Why should we hire a real estate agent?” They are curious if they couldn’t buy or sell a home through the web without a licensed broker. While some non-brokered transactions work out, many don’t. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider hiring a professional real […]
Living on the Coast Cascade Head Offers a Rare Oregon Wonderland Thanks to the Nature Conservancy a special place known as  Cascade Head  is forever protected from development. Heading north through Lincoln County, Oregon, a driver will see a small sign on Highway 101 simply stating ‘Three Rocks Road’. A left turn at this sign opens into an artist’s community and a trail to the top […]
Living on the Coast A Peaceful Bird Sanctuary The Siletz Bay is a shallow-water oasis of birdwatching located just south of Lincoln City, Oregon. If you drive past the new oceanfront and bayfront condos at the southern boundry of Lincoln City you will find hundreds of square miles of a kayaker’s and birdwatcher’s garden of delights. This federally designated area contains shoreline, flood […]
Living on the Coast Share the Warmth on the Oregon Coast From now until December 18th both Windermere offices in Seal Rock and Newport are collection points for warm winter clothing such as coats, hats, mittens, gloves and blankets. These are gathered up weekly and taken to local distribution points where they are shared with those less fortunate in our community. Items need not be new, […]
Coastal Events Nye Beach is Funky No More Good golly, what’s going on in the historic Nye Beach district of Newport, Oregon? The upgrades continue in Nye Beach as the art galleries and artists compete for space with the ocean front condos. In an area remembered better for turn of the century summer cottages and colorful rapscallions, ocean view homes are rendering the […]
Coastal Events Yaquina Lighthouse Beacon Beckons It’s true… They’ve opened the lighthouse to the public! One mile north of Newport,  the Yaquina Head Lighthouse has been a beacon to shipping since 1873.  It is the tallest lighthouse in Oregon and now has been opened by the park service. Costumed employees invite visitors to climb the spiraling  staircase all the way to the […]