Visitor Favorites April 1, 2010

Newport’s Haunted Lighthouse

haunted lighthouse

Most tourists don’t know that there are two lighthouses in Newport Oregon.

There is the  ‘real’ one at Yaquina Head  which is two miles north of town, and the ‘haunted’ one overlooking the jetty at the entrance to Yaquina Bay.  The haunted lighthouse had a run of bad luck dating back to the late 1800’s. It was the first one built in the area, but it was located in the wrong place. Then the lighthouse keeper’s daughter died mysteriously, about 100 years ago. Then strange lights began flickering in the keepers cottage after it had been abandoned. Well, you get the picture.

To see for yourself just visit the north side of the Yaquna bridge, enjoy the lovely park overlooking the mighty Pacific and participate in the free lighthouse tour (summer months only). Sometimes the park service will also open the lighthouse on Halloween. But that night is too scary for all but the bravest souls.