Living on the Coast April 2, 2010

Does it really rain in Newport ?

oregon storm

Some people are of the opinion that it frequently rains along the beautiful central Oregon Coast.

While it is true that the area can sometimes see up to 80 inches of rain per year, the drama of a winter storm is absolutely worth the experience. Imagine sipping hot tea in front of a roaring fire in your own coastal home or condo. The wind outside is whipping whitecaps on the ocean, and the entire fishing fleet has returned to the Depoe Bay or Newport harbors. You immerse yourself in a good book or old movie while Mother Nature rearranges the local beachscape with her pounding waves.

It’s no wonder that so many artists and writers call the Oregon Coast their home. In fact, the number of bookstores vastly exceeds the number of any other type of retail business, with the possible exception of local restaurants. And in the morning you know the agate rock beds will be exposed, the beachcombing will be epic, and the sun will rise over the Coast Range on another glorious day.