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Living in Newport, The Friendliest of All Towns

Our virtual travel around Oregon will make a short stop in Newport once again, to look at it more closely. Newport is another piece worth exploring in Oregon’s collection of small towns, lying in the most central part of its coast. It is located in one of the most beautiful regions in the country.

For a small town, Newport does have plenty of things interesting both for locals and travelers visiting the coast. In this article, we will try to mention the majority of them, having in mind the things people are especially interested in when considering moving in. If you are among those who are wanting to “Go Coastal,” consult one of the real estate agencies in Newport OR, and don’t hesitate to start exploring.

Geography and Other Essentials

Newport was established in the mid-19th century in a place that originally belonged to the Yacona tribe. Therefore, it could be said that Newport’s history dates back 3000 years. Yaquina Bay, the crucial part of the Newport community, got its name after the tribe, as we have written about in one of our previous articles. However, once the white settlers came in, they gave the newly founded city a name after Newport, Rhode Island. If you are looking for a home for sale in Newport, OR, pay attention not to confuse it with its twin city on the east coast.

Newport’s population nowadays is around 10,000 and is slowly but constantly increasing. It has around 5,000 households and 3000 families, which makes Newport a cozy, homely town, ideal for starting or expanding a family. For the same reason, its community is considered to be warm and welcoming.

Thanks to the vicinity of Salem and Eugene (around 80 miles northeast and southeast), Newport is very close to the majority of Oregon institutions, events, and other occasions. Portland is around 130 miles northeast, which is also a reasonable distance if you sometimes miss the big city lights. In any other case, Newport is just a perfect spot to have a cozy and quiet, yet interesting and fulfilled lifestyle.

The mild and wet local climate is representative of the whole area. Seasonally, they enjoy nice summers and temperate winters, full of typical northwestern rain and not much snow. On average, half of the year is rainy, as in the rest of the Oregon coast, but similarly, temperatures are above the average, compared to most of the state.

Those who are searching for houses for sale in Newport, OR can count on a wide variety of choices around the town and its neighborhood. From condos and townhomes, to multi-family houses and real farms, there are a large variety of properties. The price depends on many factors, and one of them is the location: whether the property is on the coast, with an ocean view, inland, downtown, or inside the Yaquina Bay. One thing is for certain, the Newport area is proud of having magnificent views in all directions. In that sense, no property will fall short.

Downtown Vibes

Newport city center is primarily the Bayfront District, which is the historic district and the most popular area in town. All the main Newport attractions are located there – the marina, Ripley’s Museum, the Pacific Maritime Heritage Center, as well as a large selection of restaurants, local breweries, and shopping places.

The Pacific Maritime Heritage Center is a museum covering the local Newport history, as well as a collection of artifacts from shipwrecks around Oregon. An exciting story tells that it used to be a nightclub, but was converted into a museum in 2013.

The Burrows House is another historical spot important for locals, located only a few blocks away from the Bayfront District, representing an old Victorian-style house.

The Port

Certainly, the city’s main hub and the center of its economic and other activities lies in the port. Established in 1910, it extends around 60 square miles from Otter Rock on the north to Seal Rock on the south.

The port preserves all the main industries of the area, including shipping, fishing, and tourism. It also features an easily accessible paved dock and staging area, which makes it also a recreation center of the town.

On top of that, for more than 10 years now, the port of Newport is proud to be home to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a scientific, interdisciplinary, and regulatory agency that forecasts weather and monitors oceanic and atmospheric conditions. The city leases the property and facilities to the agency, taking care of 175 marine officers and other employees.

If You Have Kids

As we have already mentioned, Newport is a kid-friendly town. There are a variety of places families with children can enjoy during weekends and even weekdays.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not offers an adventure for the whole family located on the Bayfront. The tour takes up to several hours, from sideshows, and interactive displays, to waxwork exhibitions.

When walking around the downtown district, take your kids to one of the many sea lion docks and admire the creatures relaxing or swimming. It is one of the main Newport attractions that everyone loves.

There are also several recreational parks inside the town and outside of it, suitable both for families with kids and pets. The Newport Coast Park has a large and well-equipped playground, ideal for high-energy toddlers. It is located close to Nye Beach, just a few minutes away from the Bay District.

Beverly Beach State Park is among the most popular beaches on the coast. Its five miles of sandy outline can be explored not only for surfing but also for walking and whale watching, another activity each kid enjoys.

The Friendliest – More Than A Motto

As you enter the city, you will meet the vintage sign with the short and effective motto, telling visitors they are coming into the friendliest of all towns. Does Newport justify it? Absolutely yes! The combo of the quietness and magnificence of the coastal area along with the warm atmosphere the local community creates makes this neighborhood of Lincoln County one of the best places for new beginnings.

If you are still hesitating to search for land for sale in Newport, OR, we hope this article will help you to opt for it. You won’t be disappointed.