SATURDAY, AUGUST 21, 2010, 12pm – 3pm

455 SW Range Dr, Waldport, Oregon

Beautifully Landscaped. Contemporary home with many details throughout is situated on the 9th tee of the beautiful Crestview Hills Golf Course. Game room with Billiard Table, pellet stove and golf cart garage. Sit on the deck and enjoy a spectacular view of the golf course and pond! Conveniently located within walking distance of the beautiful and pristine Oregon Beach.  $425,000.  #2647/10-696

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Clamming on the Oregon Coast

Pity the poor novice when they begin to try the native sport of clamming in Waldport, Newport, or elsewhere on the beautiful central Oregon coast. Like the fellow pictured above they often attack the clams with their shovel rather than using the time honored ‘stealth’ approach. You see, when you walk out the front door of your Oregon coast beachfront property, more likely than not you will be the only person on the beach. This means that the clams are all yours.

The photo, above, shows a damaged  Razor clam. These delicious treats actually start burrowing when you start digging, so an experienced Oregon clammer will first spot the telltale dimple in the clean white sand. Then they will dig to the side of the dimple, not over it. Then the race for the clam starts. Can you dig faster than a clam can burrow? Oddly enough, probably not. That must be why they are in such plentiful supply along the Oregon coast. In fact, all of the Lincoln County beaches are able to supply the presistant clammer with a goodly supple of this delicious bivalve mollusk.

Although many restaurants claim to make their chowder exclusively from Razor clams, you will find that your own homemade, locally caught, chowder will win the raves of visitors to your new Oregon coast home with beach views.

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Attention All Readers and Writers !

Lately those looking for Oregon Coast real estate, particularly those looking for beachfront property in Newport and Yachats, have noticed something new. Poetry groups, writers workshops, and reading clubs have been springing up like proverbial mushrooms after a spring rain. It seems that retired folks actually enjoy snuggling up in front of a woodstove or fireplace and digging into the classics they always promised themselves they would read one day. This has led to groups such as ‘Writers on the Edge’ who are hosting authors who read their own works. The younger set has even organized ‘poetry slams’ which are becoming quite the scene on weekends.

No one is sure if it’s the gentle rain or the dramatic coastal landscapes which are behind this movement. All the thriving booksellers are sure of one thing:  business is up – way up. Sitting in a friend’s coastal condo last week, I remarked that this summer has been unusually mild. She was assembling yet another bookcase from Ikea to hold her increasing library of book purchases. She wiped the hair out of her eyes smiled and said,  “Good, I’ve got a lot of reading to do and this is absolute heaven for a book lover like me.”  I looked out her front window at the scudding clouds and the crashing surf and had to agree.

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Some Quirks about Real Estate in Newport Oregon

You have to look at a map to understand that you have to travel east from Newport to reach San Diego. Real estate in Newport, like the rest of the country, has an west-to-east weather pattern. The problem (and the delight) about Lincoln County Real Estate is that the mighty Pacific Ocean is our neighbor. And it is this neighbor which controls all the weather. Homes directly in the teeth of the wild winter storms need special protection from the elements. Luckily the contractors and building suppliers are very familiar with the peculiar home maintenance needs of the local population.

Just a few miles inland the weather takes a dramatic turn with warmer temperatures settling over the towns of Toledo and Siletz. Summer temperatures inland are ofter in the 80’s and 90’s when the real estate along the coast may be struggling to reach 70 degrees.

Homes facing the south and west, along the coast, are the best candidates for solar heating and cooling. But the dramatic views of any coastal property are what most home buyers seek. So remember to look at the inland communities if weather is a primary concern. But really, the Pacific Ocean with it’s magnificent sunsets and panoramic vistas is the true main attraction.

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Newport Oregon Real Estate: tips for your house-hunting visit

Summer is a wonderful time to visit the Oregon Coast. Especially if you are in the market for a full time or vacation residence. The weather is warm and everything is very green. So the question is, “how do I see all there is to see and find out what Coastal living is all about?”

The simple and best answer is to connect with an experienced Real Estate Broker who lives on the Coast. We know the highways, byways and all the great places to visit. It is impossible for a visitor to be aware of all the unique neighborhoods and areas – many of which are off Highway 101 and easily missed.

Yaquina Bay Bridge

Image courtesy of

When touring the Central Oregon Coast it helps to remember that Highways, 101, 18, 20 and 34 are our main thoroughfares. As such traffic volume triples and quadruples during the Summer months and on holiday weekends. With so much scenic beauty to enjoy it is very common to be stuck in traffic behind cars and RVs that are so wrapped up in sight seeing that they forget about sharing the road and progress at a stately 35 to 45 MPH from one view point to the next. It may not seem like a big issue but it is. Our narrow roads are designed to accommodate traffic at 55 MPH and the flow goes pretty well. Drop below that and pretty soon we have major congestion and a dramatic increase in the number of rear ender accidents. What a crummy way to spend a vacation. So keep the speed up to the legal limit, make use of pull outs and enjoy the views. The next greatest challenge is the high use of bicycle traffic on the Coast as a very popular route. Most of the highways have designated bike lanes where space permits. There are really narrow areas where the riders actually have to travel in the traffic lane which creates hazards for drivers who are not paying attention — so give them plenty of room.

So, connect with an Oregon Coast Realtor and let us do the driving; you will be happy you did. Our two offices specialize in Newport Oregon Real Estate as well as communities north and south of Newport.

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Does it really rain in Newport ?

oregon storm

Some people are of the opinion that it frequently rains along the beautiful central Oregon Coast.

While it is true that the area can sometimes see up to 80 inches of rain per year, the drama of a winter storm is absolutely worth the experience. Imagine sipping hot tea in front of a roaring fire in your own coastal home or condo. The wind outside is whipping whitecaps on the ocean, and the entire fishing fleet has returned to the Depoe Bay or Newport harbors. You immerse yourself in a good book or old movie while Mother Nature rearranges the local beachscape with her pounding waves.

It’s no wonder that so many artists and writers call the Oregon Coast their home. In fact, the number of bookstores vastly exceeds the number of any other type of retail business, with the possible exception of local restaurants. And in the morning you know the agate rock beds will be exposed, the beachcombing will be epic, and the sun will rise over the Coast Range on another glorious day.

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The secret to crabbing on the Oregon Coast

Crabbing in Waldport Oregon

There is one simple secret to extremly productive crabbing on the Oregon Coast. Just drive to the Alsea Bay in the little town of Waldport, 15 miles south of Newport.

The bar at the mouth of the  Alsea (pronounced Al-see) Bay silted up a hundred years ago. Only the smallest of boats ever cross this treacherous opening to the Pacific. However, this means there is no commercial crabbing inside the bay and the crabs have been multiplying there ever since. Oregon charges about $5.00 for a license to crab. The public boat launch in the old town section of Waldport is free and pots can be rented at local businesses near the docks.

The  concept is simple and the results are delicious. Just tie some old fish heads or chicken necks to the bottom of you crab pot and throw it overboard, atttached to a float. Wait 15 minutes and the pull the pot and see how many delicious Dungeness crabs you bring up into the boat. Always observe local regulations, but when last checked the limit was 12 crabs… per person!

This is a great family experience and the sights on the bay are breathtaking. You’ll see sea lions sunning themselves just a few feet from your boat and a vast array of birdlife, even a bald eagle or two. Chances are extremely high that you will be having all the crab you can eat for dinner that night back at you Oregon Coast home.

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Newport’s Haunted Lighthouse

haunted lighthouse

Most tourists don’t know that there are two lighthouses in Newport Oregon.

There is the  ‘real’ one at Yaquina Head  which is two miles north of town, and the ‘haunted’ one overlooking the jetty at the entrance to Yaquina Bay.  The haunted lighthouse had a run of bad luck dating back to the late 1800’s. It was the first one built in the area, but it was located in the wrong place. Then the lighthouse keeper’s daughter died mysteriously, about 100 years ago. Then strange lights began flickering in the keepers cottage after it had been abandoned. Well, you get the picture.

To see for yourself just visit the north side of the Yaquna bridge, enjoy the lovely park overlooking the mighty Pacific and participate in the free lighthouse tour (summer months only). Sometimes the park service will also open the lighthouse on Halloween. But that night is too scary for all but the bravest souls.

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April Open House Weekend on the Oregon Coast

Windermere West Coast Properties & Real Estate Gallery is pleased to participate in National Open House Weekend,  April 10th & 11th.

Saturday, April 3rd, 11am – 4pm
Saturday, April 10th, 11am – 4pm
Sunday, April 11th, 11am – 4pm

Details and directions: Regatta Condos at Yaquina Bay
Green-built Condos - 9 Units Remaining Green-built Condos – 9 Units RemainingInvest with Friends and Family: Up to 4 Owners Allowed

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March Open Houses on the Oregon Coast

Saturday, March 13th 11am – 4pm
Sunday, March 21st 11am – 4pm
Saturday, March 27th 11 am – 4 pm

Details and directions: Regatta Condos at Yaquina Bay
Green-built Condos - 9 Units Remaining Green-built Condos – 9 Units Remaining. Invest with Friends and Family: Up to 4 Owners Allowed

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