The Ona Beach Wonderland – Joy on the Oregon Coast

There is a beach that many consider the most beautiful on the Central Oregon Coast. It is Ona Beach and is located about 10 miles south of Newport.

Best Beach on the Central Oregon Coast

Best Beach on the Central Oregon Coast

Yet another in a string of beautiful public parks, Ona beach has some surprises for the first time visitor. The parking area is located just off highway 101 below a residential area named Makai. The beach is usually deserted although the picnic area next to the parking lot is very popular.

A paved trail takes you along and eventually over Beaver Creek across an arched footbridge and out on to the white sand beach.

Beaver creek cuts the beach in half but also offers hours of fun for the little ones to play in the 6 inches of warm water well away from the pounding surf. This is the beach for sandcastles, clamming, and agate hunting. Campfires are legal and a sunset weenie roast can be the perfect end to a magical day at the Oregon Coast.

Breathtaking oceanfront home which adjoins Ona Beach.

Breathtaking oceanfront home for sale which adjoins Ona Beach. MLS #: 09-1997 Listed at $500,000 Learn More

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Yachats 804 Trail Adventure

Yachats' 804 trail

Yachats' 804 trail

There is a trail in Yachats, Oregon that was deeded to the citizens after a lengthy court proceeding.

It is an old ‘road’ from the late 1800’s and is the most pleasant and famous stroll in southern Lincoln County. Today it is no more than a dirt trail that hugs the Pacific coast only a few feet from the tidepools and thundering surf. It can be bicycled, walked, and has even hosted folks who are in wheelchairs.

Cove after cove lie in front of beautiful Oregon Coast properties. The trail has access points to all of them as well as offering some fairly productive fishing holes. Most folks start the walk at the parking area at the mouth of the Yachats river where there is free and public parking. The trail is accessed a few steps from your car and this experience will put you instantly face to face with the mighty Pacific.   For ‘storm watchers’ it doesn’t get any better than this.

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Cascade Head Offers a Rare Oregon Wonderland

cascade blog Thanks to the Nature Conservancy a special place known as  Cascade Head  is forever protected from development. Heading north through Lincoln County, Oregon, a driver will see a small sign on Highway 101 simply stating ‘Three Rocks Road’. A left turn at this sign opens into an artist’s community and a trail to the top of Cascade Head. Driving past the ocean view homes, a visitor will see a small public boat launch and the start of a 5 mile trail to the top of the Head. This trail winds upwards through several ecosystems of forest and grasslands to the protected, yet public, area at the top. To say the view is spectacular would be a terrible understatement. This is a sight of the Pacific rim of the United States that offers vistas a fifty or more miles of coastline. The curve of the earth is plainly visible  when you look out at the Pacific ocean. Yet you are less than 10 miles north of the ocean front homes and beach condos of Lincoln City. The property was purchased by the Nature Conservancy several years ago to protect a unique species of wildflower. So pack a picnic lunch and stroll through the forest and out onto the meadow. But be sure not to remove any ‘souvenirs’… other than the photos you are sure to take.

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A Peaceful Bird Sanctuary

siletz bay

The Siletz Bay is a shallow-water oasis of birdwatching located just south of Lincoln City, Oregon.

If you drive past the new oceanfront and bayfront condos at the southern boundry of Lincoln City you will find hundreds of square miles of a kayaker’s and birdwatcher’s garden of delights. This federally designated area contains shoreline, flood plain, and grassland that is the home of scores of Oregon coastal birds and wildlife. Hawks and eagles compete with Canadian geese and all types of waterfowl for nesting and feeding space. Even wild swans can sometimes be spotted if conditions are just right.

Although no motorized boats are allowed, canoes and kayaks are welcome to share in the world class birding opportunities. Closer to the beach the tidal flats of the Siletz bay offer clams and cockles. At the mouth of the bay folks can even use their crab pots… right from the shore!

For photographers the opportunities are limitless as the evershifting light plays among the small tree covered islands. Sunset will often seem to light the deep forest with an otherworldly golden glow. And all this is located within a ten minute bike ride to your Oregon coast property.

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Share the Warmth on the Oregon Coast

From now until December 18th both Windermere offices in Seal Rock and Newport are collection points for warm winter clothing such as coats, hats, mittens, gloves and blankets. These are gathered up weekly and taken to local distribution points where they are shared with those less fortunate in our community. Items need not be new, just “gently used”. This is the eighth year of our participation and it feels really good to give a helping hand. Our area does not experience the bitter cold that some areas do, but it is still Winter.

mittensPlease feel free to drop off anything you can either at

567 N. Coast Highway in Newport


5693 NW Pacific Coast Highway (Triad Gallery)
in Seal Rock.

You can help make a difference.

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Nye Beach is Funky No More

nye beach street

Good golly, what’s going on in the historic Nye Beach district of Newport, Oregon?

The upgrades continue in Nye Beach as the art galleries and artists compete for space with the ocean front condos. In an area remembered better for turn of the century summer cottages and colorful rapscallions, ocean view homes are rendering the property more valuable than the existing buildings.

Newport has invested a fortune in newly cobbled streets and European style, pedestrian friendly, neighborhoods. And the boutique bakeries, restaurants, and high-end delis and wine shops have begun sprouting like mushrooms. The music scene in lively on the weekends and the locals can be seen strolling this this lovely atmosphere just a few steps from the sandy beach.

After years of contraction and neglect, the Nye Beach district is expanding in every direction. New ocean front condos are under construction at the same time as new parks are opened and upgraded.

Certainly the fact that residents can walk 250 yards to the Newport Performing Art Center must have something to do with the recent boom. Where else can you exit a performance of a symphony orchestra and see the mighty Pacific on your walk home?

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Yaquina Lighthouse Beacon Beckons


It’s true… They’ve opened the lighthouse to the public!

One mile north of Newport,  the Yaquina Head Lighthouse has been a beacon to shipping since 1873.  It is the tallest lighthouse in Oregon and now has been opened by the park service.

Costumed employees invite visitors to climb the spiraling  staircase all the way to the top where there is a fantastic view of the Oregon Coast. This is the type of view usually restricted to folks owning beachfront Oregon Coast real estate.

There is also a bird rookery and an interperative center located on Yaquina head. They recently started charging 5.00 per carload as an entry fee. But the views, the secret beach, the rookery, and above all the lighthouse, makes this the best bargain for sightseers on the central Oregon coast.

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Surefire tidepool fun for the kids

pool of tides

How do you occupy the 10-and-under set when you step out of your Oregon Coast home?  One word: Tidepools!

Just steps from any Oregon beach property is a magical underwater world that acts like a magnet on all kids. The multicolored starfish, sea anemones, and hermit crabs are an all-natural kaleidoscope magnified in the clear waters of the northwest Pacific tidepools.

A favorite spot for locals is a day trip to the tiny town of Otter Rock, five miles north of Newport. There you will find the designated ‘marine garden tidepools’ located on a beach safe enough for the little ones.

The trail from the parking lot heads north past some lovely Oregon beachfront property, heads down a crumbing asphalt trail and emerges on a delighful cove with a sandy beach. Your visitors will spend hours prowling the tidepools, but don’t forget to show them the seals basking on the offshore rocks.

Afterwards, walk back up to Otter Rock to enjoy a hot bowl of clam chowder and compare your treasures.

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Secrets of Cape Perpetua on the Oregon Coast

pertpetua 2

Local Oregon Coast homeowners know that beautiful Cape Perpetua was named by  the explorer Captain Cook in 1778.

Tourists will easily find the many trails leading to the top and the spectacular views north towards Yachats and south toward Florence. There is even an old WWII stone lookout station at the top of the cape. The whale watching is fantastic.

The main trail from the campground takes you through both the forest woodlands and fields of flowers. Often photographed from the top, Cape Perpetua has a secret semi-paved logging road leading east, down the back, that opens into the Yachats valley floor.

This 15 mile drive is well known to Oregon Coast property owners but is very rarely used by out of state visitors. Don’t forget to stop at the Siuslaw Ranger Station where the visitors center offers equally stunning views and is handicapped accessible

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Oregon coast storm inspires surfing inside Yaquina Bay

Surfing the Oregon Coast

Surfing the Oregon Coast

When the big storms hit the Oregon Coast, surfers grab their boards and head to the Newport jetty. It is an open secret that the wintertime waves produce a once-a-year chance to surf inside the bay

People drinking coffee in their condos  can watch surfers in the protected bay ride the waves directly under the Yaquina bridge.

“It’s like a big wave machine, man.”  Indeed, perfectly formed 3 foot curls repeatedly make their way between the protective arms of the stonework jetty.

Paddle surfers, longboarders, and even the occasional kayakers brave the 50 degrees water in their protective wetsuits. But they emerge from the chilly waters and stow their boards in their vans confident that they will be in their Oregon Coast homes standing under a hot shower in a matter of minutes.

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