Living on the CoastVisitor Favorites November 5, 2009

Beachcombing the Oregon Coast

Beachcombing in Yachats

Beachcombing in Yachats

Stepping out of your Oregon Coast home can put you in another world.

The beaches are all but deserted in the winter and the occasional Pacific storm can offer you some real treasures. The Newport stretch of beaches are certainly famous for the agates that locals have been collecting for a hundred years.

But there is also the occasional Japanese glass fishing float, the vast array of seashells, and piles of driftwood. It can also be  a dog lover’s paradise as man’s best friend romps after the seagulls.

Owning property on the Oregon coast is the ticket to nature’s wonderland. And this comes with a calm and unhurried  lifestyle for those who see the beauty in the Pacific ocean and are happy to come face-to-face with mother nature.