Living on the CoastVisitor Favorites November 13, 2009

Surefire tidepool fun for the kids

pool of tides

How do you occupy the 10-and-under set when you step out of your Oregon Coast home?  One word: Tidepools!

Just steps from any Oregon beach property is a magical underwater world that acts like a magnet on all kids. The multicolored starfish, sea anemones, and hermit crabs are an all-natural kaleidoscope magnified in the clear waters of the northwest Pacific tidepools.

A favorite spot for locals is a day trip to the tiny town of Otter Rock, five miles north of Newport. There you will find the designated ‘marine garden tidepools’ located on a beach safe enough for the little ones.

The trail from the parking lot heads north past some lovely Oregon beachfront property, heads down a crumbing asphalt trail and emerges on a delighful cove with a sandy beach. Your visitors will spend hours prowling the tidepools, but don’t forget to show them the seals basking on the offshore rocks.

Afterwards, walk back up to Otter Rock to enjoy a hot bowl of clam chowder and compare your treasures.