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The Best Beach Events in Oregon

There is no better place to celebrate life in Oregon than the seaside. Therefore, this state has to offer plenty of events taking place right next to one of the plenty of picturesque beaches and waterfronts. Of course, summertime is the prime time for such occasions, and the summer that is ahead will prove Oregon is a place to be when the days are long.

If you already are a resident of one of the many coastal towns, surely you know the closest opportunities to have fun on the beach. However, visitors and those who are considering moving there and looking for houses for sale in Newport, OR, for example, might find this article helpful.


Waldport Beachcomber Days

The city of Waldport, located 15 miles south of Newport, is home to a festival that has a long-standing tradition. The event is beloved among locals but also a tourist attraction during long summer days, bringing them together in the celebration of Oregon’s coast.

This year, the 66th Waldport Beachcomber Days will be held on the weekend, June 17-19. It will be family-oriented, offering entertainment and activities for all ages. The tight schedule includes vendors fair, kid fair, timber show, car and bike show, pancake breakfast, as well as music events, including concerts and gigs of local bands and DJs.

Ask your neighbor or a broker in Newport, OR for a tip on how to get there and what not to miss at this next-door party that is just around the corner.


Newport Seafood and Wine Festival

Another local event worth visiting if you are somewhere around Lincoln County is held in the city of Newport, during the last weekend in February each year. It was founded in 1977 to support the local economy and seafood industry during the low season, but eventually, it expanded to the largest annual event, including wineries, arts and crafts, and commercial wine competitions. Over the years, it became the longest-running wine competition in the Northwest, attracting wine experts, amateurs, and lovers to Newport every year.

Today, the four-day festival includes over 150 vendors and 300 volunteers, with several thousand visitors. Now it has a beer garden, food court, and a stage with talks and live entertainment. What more could one ask for at the end of the long, cold winter season. If you are considering moving there and are in the search of a home for sale in Newport, OR.


Lincoln City’s Summer Kite Festival

Lincoln City can boast of the largest summer kite festival in the state, held in June. It is recognized as Oregon’s favorite kite festival. This year, the event will take place on June 25-26, right on the beach at the D River State Recreation Site.

The reason why this kite festival is so loved among locals is that it has a long tradition of being an event suitable for the whole family, attracting visitors from the entire state. It includes performances, guided tours on the field, as well as a free kite-making workshop.

If you are among those who enjoy gazing at the sky and admiring colorful shapes among the white clouds, do not miss Lincoln’s City’s Summer Kite Festival.


Savor Cannon Beach Festival

Each October, the Savor Cannon Beach Wine, And Culinary Festival offers a month-long series of events, including dinner and wine tastings, along with other art, fun, and entertainment events.

The most notorious among them is the Pinot Noir Challenge held at Bistro restaurant, an exciting blind tasting of six Pinots. Seafood Wines & Small Plates is a light dinner that pairs local wine of an Oregon wine pioneer Sokol-Blosser with food selected by the Chef of Seasons Cafe.

The festival gets witty with the section called Wines You Love To Hate & Why You Should Get Over It.


Astoria Warrenton Crab, Seafood and Wine Festival

The is another food and wine festival located on the north part of the coast, available to all gastro lovers out there on the last weekend of April every year, organized by the communities of Astoria and Warrenton. It gathers the selection of the most reputable local vendors, offering the most authentic flavors of Oregon’s north coast.

The selection includes a wide variety of seafood in all variations: from fried oysters and seafood ramen to crab cakes and crab mac & cheese. The menu is wrapped up with more than 40 varieties of northwestern-grown grapes and local craft breweries.

Live music on two stages and local artisan producers are available throughout the whole weekend, entertaining around 15,000 visitors that come every year to enjoy this festival.


Rockaway Beach 4th of July

Oregon’s coast is a perfect spot to celebrate the nation’s biggest holiday. An unofficial tradition tells that families get out of their homes right to the beach, turning this patriotic day into a big summer party that lasts the whole day long.

However, Rockaway Beach is considered to be the host to the most spectacular celebration of the 4th of July on the northern part of Oregon’s coast. After the Independence Parade at 11 am, visitors can enjoy several festivities, including a flyover of the National Guard, a homemade bake and plant sale, and an airsoft paintball tent competition.

Still, the most special of them all is The Annual Dachshund Races. This sweetest parade of them all is held in Phyllis Baker City Park, right after the parade. Wiener dogs are among the most popular dog breeds in the US, and this event gathers crowds every year to enjoy watching fluffy sausages of all colors running, falling, and rolling over through the green grass. A bit unusual, but an absolutely adorable way to spend the 4th of July.


Beach Cleanup Events

It is not a true celebration of the coast if it doesn’t include an appreciation of its nature and wildlife. Therefore, the citizens of Oregon are all united in their effort to preserve the coast and join forces each year in cleaning up local beaches.

Beach cleaning began 30 years ago, as a twice-annual cleanup, taking place each spring and fall. Now it is a combo of the Spring Oregon Beach Cleanup and SOLVE IT for Earth Day, named simply Oregon Spring Cleanup. The idea behind it is not only to preserve the environment but also to praise and expand Oregon’s volunteering tradition. On average, volunteers clean up over 50 tons of litter and debris each year.

If you are about to move somewhere along the coast, looking for land for sale in Newport, OR, get involved in getting your local beach clean. Living on the coast is not only a privilege enjoying the vast sea and blue skies. With it comes the responsibility to protect its natural wonders for the generations to come. It seems people in Oregon have built up a significant common sense, recognizing the momentum to act, and taking measures according to it.