Fireworks on the Central Oregon Coast

Sunday July 3rd


Depoe Bay Area

Fireworks display at Boiler Bay north of Depoe Bay at dusk.


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Waldport – Alsea Bay

This year’s fireworks at Waldport is extra special, as the town is celebrating it’s centennial.

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Monday July 4th

Taft (at the south end of Lincoln City)

Fireworks over Siletz Bay — a Lincoln City area tradition for nearly 80 years.

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Yaquina Bay Fireworks 9:30 – 11 p.m. Plan to arrive early to the bayfront or surrounding areas. This is one of the larger and best attended displays on the coast.

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An Oregon Coast Christmas

Christmas Boat Parade, Yaquina Bay, Newport

Snow is a very rare occurance on the Oregon Coast. Sant Claus usually sees scenes like this from his sleigh. While your new Newport or Waldport home or condo may never see much of the cold white stuff, that doesn’t mean that Christmas on the Oregon Coast is a low key affair. The towns dazzle with Christmas lights, the Christmas boat parade in the Yaquina harbor is internationally famous, and the Newport Symphony Orchestra is in full swing at the Performing Arts Center. Christmas shopping on the Central Coast is a major draw, with the local merchants offering one of a kind items and the outlet malls posting their deepest discounts.

Oregon Coast real estate shows very well during this time as the crisp days give way to magnificent views from your new oceanfront windows. Put all this together with the Christmas tree you cut yourself in the forest, a cup of hot cider in front of your own fireplace, and you will agree that there is nowhere finer to spend the holidays than on the beautiful central Oregon Coast.

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Clamming on the Oregon Coast

Pity the poor novice when they begin to try the native sport of clamming in Waldport, Newport, or elsewhere on the beautiful central Oregon coast. Like the fellow pictured above they often attack the clams with their shovel rather than using the time honored ‘stealth’ approach. You see, when you walk out the front door of your Oregon coast beachfront property, more likely than not you will be the only person on the beach. This means that the clams are all yours.

The photo, above, shows a damaged  Razor clam. These delicious treats actually start burrowing when you start digging, so an experienced Oregon clammer will first spot the telltale dimple in the clean white sand. Then they will dig to the side of the dimple, not over it. Then the race for the clam starts. Can you dig faster than a clam can burrow? Oddly enough, probably not. That must be why they are in such plentiful supply along the Oregon coast. In fact, all of the Lincoln County beaches are able to supply the presistant clammer with a goodly supple of this delicious bivalve mollusk.

Although many restaurants claim to make their chowder exclusively from Razor clams, you will find that your own homemade, locally caught, chowder will win the raves of visitors to your new Oregon coast home with beach views.

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Newport Seafood and Wine Festival this weekend!

Newport’s biggest party roars into town this weekend.

For the 32nd time, the finest wines and seafood in the Pacific Northwest will be on display at the South Beach Marina Event Center. Over 100 booths will feature the bounty of seafood, grapes, cheeses and other local fresh Northwest fare. The event attracted 24,000 people in 2009 and local expectations anticipate that this will be exceeded given the beautiful weather predicted for this weekend.

Friday night is known as locals night but it is Saturday when musicians and other entertainment are in full swing. This is the granddaddy of wine festivals for the Oregon coast, a place where a gold medal actually matters to both the winemakers and distributors.

The Seafood and Wine Festival is co-sponsored by the Newport Chamber of Commerce and Seaport Airlines. Although you must be 21 and over to attend, the event has traditionally been a low-key affair. The locals look forward to this event as much as the 10,000 tourists we expect to descend on the coast for the weekend.

Because a free shuttle bus is offered at numerous locations around town, attendees can be guarantee that they’ll get back to their motel as quickly and safely as possible.

This is truly an event that brings forth the best efforts of the vintners, restaurants and the citizens of Newport. Most locals will tell you this is the weekend you can have the most fun on the Oregon Coast. Hey, and while you’re over here — look at some of the most beautiful and affordable properties on the Central Oregon Coast.

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Newport Oregon Real Estate: Holiday Season Open Houses

Sunday, December 27th, 11am – 4pm

Details and directions: Regatta Condos at Yaquina Bay
Green-built Condos - 9 Units Remaining

Green-built Condos - 9 Units RemainingInvest with Friends and Family: Up to 4 Owners Allowed

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Nye Beach is Funky No More

nye beach street

Good golly, what’s going on in the historic Nye Beach district of Newport, Oregon?

The upgrades continue in Nye Beach as the art galleries and artists compete for space with the ocean front condos. In an area remembered better for turn of the century summer cottages and colorful rapscallions, ocean view homes are rendering the property more valuable than the existing buildings.

Newport has invested a fortune in newly cobbled streets and European style, pedestrian friendly, neighborhoods. And the boutique bakeries, restaurants, and high-end delis and wine shops have begun sprouting like mushrooms. The music scene in lively on the weekends and the locals can be seen strolling this this lovely atmosphere just a few steps from the sandy beach.

After years of contraction and neglect, the Nye Beach district is expanding in every direction. New ocean front condos are under construction at the same time as new parks are opened and upgraded.

Certainly the fact that residents can walk 250 yards to the Newport Performing Art Center must have something to do with the recent boom. Where else can you exit a performance of a symphony orchestra and see the mighty Pacific on your walk home?

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Yaquina Lighthouse Beacon Beckons


It’s true… They’ve opened the lighthouse to the public!

One mile north of Newport,  the Yaquina Head Lighthouse has been a beacon to shipping since 1873.  It is the tallest lighthouse in Oregon and now has been opened by the park service.

Costumed employees invite visitors to climb the spiraling  staircase all the way to the top where there is a fantastic view of the Oregon Coast. This is the type of view usually restricted to folks owning beachfront Oregon Coast real estate.

There is also a bird rookery and an interperative center located on Yaquina head. They recently started charging 5.00 per carload as an entry fee. But the views, the secret beach, the rookery, and above all the lighthouse, makes this the best bargain for sightseers on the central Oregon coast.

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Oregon coast storm inspires surfing inside Yaquina Bay

Surfing the Oregon Coast

Surfing the Oregon Coast

When the big storms hit the Oregon Coast, surfers grab their boards and head to the Newport jetty. It is an open secret that the wintertime waves produce a once-a-year chance to surf inside the bay

People drinking coffee in their condos  can watch surfers in the protected bay ride the waves directly under the Yaquina bridge.

“It’s like a big wave machine, man.”  Indeed, perfectly formed 3 foot curls repeatedly make their way between the protective arms of the stonework jetty.

Paddle surfers, longboarders, and even the occasional kayakers brave the 50 degrees water in their protective wetsuits. But they emerge from the chilly waters and stow their boards in their vans confident that they will be in their Oregon Coast homes standing under a hot shower in a matter of minutes.

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