Nye Beach is Funky No More

nye beach street

Good golly, what’s going on in the historic Nye Beach district of Newport, Oregon?

The upgrades continue in Nye Beach as the art galleries and artists compete for space with the ocean front condos. In an area remembered better for turn of the century summer cottages and colorful rapscallions, ocean view homes are rendering the property more valuable than the existing buildings.

Newport has invested a fortune in newly cobbled streets and European style, pedestrian friendly, neighborhoods. And the boutique bakeries, restaurants, and high-end delis and wine shops have begun sprouting like mushrooms. The music scene in lively on the weekends and the locals can be seen strolling this this lovely atmosphere just a few steps from the sandy beach.

After years of contraction and neglect, the Nye Beach district is expanding in every direction. New ocean front condos are under construction at the same time as new parks are opened and upgraded.

Certainly the fact that residents can walk 250 yards to the Newport Performing Art Center must have something to do with the recent boom. Where else can you exit a performance of a symphony orchestra and see the mighty Pacific on your walk home?

Posted on November 16, 2009 at 8:55 pm
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  1. Misa Joo says:

    Does anything happen December 23 – 26 or does everything close up on Nye Beach December 20? Thank you!

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