More About Me

Greg Dalke Bio

I am a native Oregonian who loves living here on the Oregon coast.  For more than 20 years I’ve been involved in residential and commercial construction.  Much of the expertise I bring to my real estate practice is from years of involvement in the construction industry.  This experience makes me uniquely qualified to help you evaluate and assess properties regardless of size or condition.   I bring my expertise in construction to help my clients both purchase and sell homes with confidence that they have made the correct decision. 

I believe I have a responsibility to my clients, to give them the highest quality experience possible when selling or purchasing their home.  I believe it is my duty to represent my clients to the best of my abilities, to provide information and educate them throughout every step so that they can make the best possible decisions.  I believe honesty is an obligation we all owe to each other.  I want to work with clients who are open to developing a relationship that is based on honest discussions and attainable goals. I believe in giving and that my efforts to make the lives of others better will be returned to me.  I have prioritized kindness and empathy as primary goals to help realize a better life and a better world.  In my real estate practice, I believe customer service, consistent communication and honesty will assure a positive experience for everyone involved.  

As a part of the Windemere team,  I have an extensive knowledge base to draw upon to help us achieve your goal.  I work for one of the most charitable and reliable real estate company in the world, a company that will help me market your property locally, nationally and internationally.   As a team, we work together and draw upon each other’s talents to provide the highest quality of service to you…our customer.