Windermere Foundation Donates to Seashore Family Literacy

With a portion of every Windermere sale donated to the the Windermere foundation, the owners of Windermere West Coast Properties and Real Estate Gallery have committed a yearlong effort to support the Seashore Family Literacy program. On February 21, 2013 the Windermere Foundation presented Seashore Family Literacy with another generous donation to help support their Achievement Club after-school program.

Seashore Family Literacy is a community-based, nonprofit organization and inspires both children and adults — really the entire family — to improve reading, writing, math, computer skills and promote better communication skills.

Sentilia McKinley is the founder and strongly believes that literacy plays an import part in everyone’s lives. For over more than 20 years, her program has served hundreds of people, including low-income, at-risk and homeless children, young adults and their families.  Literacy helps to improve self esteem, job opportunities, and the pursuit of continuing education. What might surprise you is how much benefit the volunteers report receiving from their time as mentors!

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Seashore Family Literacy is truly a wonderful charity and well worth consideration of your donation dollars. The owners of Windermere West Coast Properties and Real Estate Gallery invite and encourage other business owners to join in supporting this program whose work has such a lasting impact.

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Housing recovery: The Shifting Sands of Coastal Real Estate

According to the New York Times article published yesterday (New Indications Housing Recovery is Underway), there is indication of a significant recovery in the housing market.

This article does point out some trends that apply to Coastal real estate such as an increasing inventory in most price ranges and a reduction in the number of distressed properties on the market.  It alludes to a slight increase in sale prices after steep declines over the past 6 years.  This is not quite true on the Coast. Over the past 2 years our market has seen a decline in values of closed properties of 13%.  This is in contrast to the historical figures up to 2006 when we consistently saw average annual increases of 15%.

What does this mean to home Buyers in the Coastal market?  Depends on the objective.  If you are an investor the competition is stiff for homes and condos that can be easily placed in the rental market.  The demand for clean affordable rentals continues to outstrip the supply.  For homes to be used as primary residences the inventory is fair to good.

Oregon coast homes priced between $190,000 to $250,000, are being caught in “bidding wars” that have not been common since 2004-2005. New construction is still at a standstill on the Coast as builders wait for cash Buyers prior to breaking ground, and bare land is in ample supply. For Investors coming in with cash, excellent buys are available.  For primary coastal residences and beach homes, the selection is fair to good if the Buyer can come pre-qualified for a new loan with good credit.

This is overall a great time to invest in Coastal real estate no matter what the objective.  After all, there is only one Oregon Coast.  We love living here – so might you.

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Oregon Coast Living: Be Beach and Water Savvy

Living in a Coastal community such as Newport Oregon is wonderful, with its miles and miles of uncrowded beaches. However, you should know that our stretch of the Pacific coast has the same kind of rip currents that generate news stories at crowded vacation spots elsewhere. The people who find themselves in trouble are usually from out of the area, but local residents can also be caught off guard while on the beach.

One of the most important things to learn is how to spot a rip current so that you can avoid entering the water near one. If there is a channel of choppy water that looks like it is churning, that’s probably a rip current.  It will also be a little different color although it may not be noticeable if you are not wearing polarized sunglasses.  Look for a line of seaweed, moving debris, or a line of foam moving toward the sea, and/or a break in the wave pattern. Any time you plan to enter the water, take a careful look around. The best way to be safe around a rip current is just to stay out of the water near one! The Oregon Parks Department put out a public service announcement a couple of years ago that hasn’t seen nearly enough air time. Check it out — and take a few minutes to watch the other water safety clips at the end.

Respect the Beach – Public Service Announcement on Rip Tides

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Newport: The Friendliest… REALLY!

Welcome to Newport Oregon Sign

This sign proclaiming Newport as "The Friendliest" welcomes visitors to town.

I heard a quote one time that stuck with me, “The nice part about living in a small town is that when you don’t know what you’re doing, someone else does.” When I first heard it, I thought it sounded like having nosy neighbors that knew more about your life than you did. Then I moved here and the quote really started to make sense!  I come from a large city, where you can get anything at any time, day or night. That’s not necessarily a good thing, trust me. It can take the value out of people and things. It can also make people faceless and forgettable.

Then I move to a city whose motto is “The Friendliest”. Hmmmm, it sounded like a challenge to me, not an invitation! So I started to test this city’s motto as I began to look for various services that everyone needs when they start to settle down.

I started to ask my friends and my friends’ friends who they call when they need something and I was shocked at how quickly and decisively everyone answered.  And woe to the person who puts their doctor or hair stylist or Real Estate Agent down! Loyalty is definitely alive and kicking on the coast!

So after compiling my list, I started calling and making appointments for various things and everyone was so helpful and yes, I’ll say it, friendly! Everyone I talked to and then went to was accommodating, knowledgeable and fun. No one made me feel like only a number and everyone made me feel welcome.

And now, many years later I still have and will always have my “Go To” people that, if for some reason I couldn’t get in to see them (this has never happened)  I would do without, rather than see someone else. For example: My eyes are solely taken care of by Dr. Hyduchack and his fantastic staff at Newport Vision Center.  My teeth are healthy because of Dr. Parsons and his fabulous staff at Canyon Way Dental Clinic. My hair will ONLY be cut and colored by Robin at Hair Expression. I can walk upright because of Dr. Shones and his enthusiastic crew at Shones Chiropractic! I am healthy because of Dr. Bice and his wonderful staff! And of course I only turn to Windermere for buying and selling homes on the coast (come on, do you really expect me not to plug Windermere every chance I get!)

Don’t get me wrong, there are many, many great businesses in town besides these and I know they are someone else’s “Go To” people.  That’s the beauty of small communities, you find a business that has everything you need and a fun staff and they become more than just business, they become your friends!

So the motto was tested and found to be true. Thank you one and all for making the Oregon Coast a place to call home!



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Fireworks on the Central Oregon Coast

Sunday July 3rd


Depoe Bay Area

Fireworks display at Boiler Bay north of Depoe Bay at dusk.


(Click on map for more detailed view.)

Waldport – Alsea Bay

This year’s fireworks at Waldport is extra special, as the town is celebrating it’s centennial.

(Click on map for more detailed view.)

Monday July 4th

Taft (at the south end of Lincoln City)

Fireworks over Siletz Bay — a Lincoln City area tradition for nearly 80 years.

(Click on map for more detailed view.)



Yaquina Bay Fireworks 9:30 – 11 p.m. Plan to arrive early to the bayfront or surrounding areas. This is one of the larger and best attended displays on the coast.

(Click on map for more detailed view.)



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Bank Owned Properties on the Central Oregon Coast: Prize or Pitfall?

During your search for a home on the Oregon Coast, have you thought about purchasing a bank owned property?

People have a fairly accurate impression that great bargains in the form of deeply discounted prices can be found within this category. While generally true, bank owned properties present several unique challenges. Read on to become an informed buyer.

The big challenge is getting through the inspection process. Under Oregon law, financial institutions are exempt from the Disclosure requirements of all other Sellers. This means that the sale is always an “as is where is” situation. The bank will not negotiate (pay for) any needed repairs. So the prudent Buyer will need to be prepared to pay for all inspections whether the sale succeeds or fails.

The inspection process is not so simple as most bank owned properties are the result of foreclosure. The best managed properties have been winterized to prevent freezing water pipes and all utilities have been disconnected. In order to perform an inspection of all the functions within the home, water, electricity and gas service (if appropriate) must be reconnected. In some service areas, this can be done for a nominal fee to the Buyer. Again this is a Buyer cost.

Assuming that all the inspections pass on the home’s structure, utilities and mechanicals,  the other big factor is an assessment of the general condition of the home. Many foreclosure actions result in damage or removal of fixtures by the departing property owner. For example, it is not at all unusual to find everything remotely portable stripped from the home. This includes kitchen cabinets, appliances, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures and even flooring. In some cases the departing owner will do extensive damage to walls, doors, windows and remaining fixtures as a way of “getting back” at the bank for taking the home. Some of the costs to repair or replace may be reflected in the offering price with a cover letter to the bank with written bids for the work.

The final hurdle in the purchase of a foreclosed property is negotiating with the bank itself. The bank will demand proof of pre-approval if a new loan is being obtained for the purchase, as well as proof of adequate funds to close.

The brokers in our Newport and Seal Rock offices can guide you through the sometimes time consuming and frustrating process of buying a bank owned home along the Central Oregon Coast. We want you to get the financial advantages, so our job is to help you avoid all the possible pitfalls along the way.

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An Oregon Coast Christmas

Christmas Boat Parade, Yaquina Bay, Newport

Snow is a very rare occurance on the Oregon Coast. Sant Claus usually sees scenes like this from his sleigh. While your new Newport or Waldport home or condo may never see much of the cold white stuff, that doesn’t mean that Christmas on the Oregon Coast is a low key affair. The towns dazzle with Christmas lights, the Christmas boat parade in the Yaquina harbor is internationally famous, and the Newport Symphony Orchestra is in full swing at the Performing Arts Center. Christmas shopping on the Central Coast is a major draw, with the local merchants offering one of a kind items and the outlet malls posting their deepest discounts.

Oregon Coast real estate shows very well during this time as the crisp days give way to magnificent views from your new oceanfront windows. Put all this together with the Christmas tree you cut yourself in the forest, a cup of hot cider in front of your own fireplace, and you will agree that there is nowhere finer to spend the holidays than on the beautiful central Oregon Coast.

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SUNDAY, 1pm – 3pm

160 SE Rose St, Waldport, Oregon

Beautiful setting for this 3+ bedrooms, 1 1/2 bath home. Expansive deck that showcases the valley views. Open floor plan with laminate flooring, featured wood accents on ceiling and walls. Large room downstairs that could be a great room or master bedroom. SELLER TO PAY 3% OF BUYER CLOSING COSTS WITH ACCEPTABLE OFFER!  $197,500.  #3167/10-2388

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SATURDAY, AUGUST 21, 2010, 12pm – 3pm

455 SW Range Dr, Waldport, Oregon

Beautifully Landscaped. Contemporary home with many details throughout is situated on the 9th tee of the beautiful Crestview Hills Golf Course. Game room with Billiard Table, pellet stove and golf cart garage. Sit on the deck and enjoy a spectacular view of the golf course and pond! Conveniently located within walking distance of the beautiful and pristine Oregon Beach.  $425,000.  #2647/10-696

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Clamming on the Oregon Coast

Pity the poor novice when they begin to try the native sport of clamming in Waldport, Newport, or elsewhere on the beautiful central Oregon coast. Like the fellow pictured above they often attack the clams with their shovel rather than using the time honored ‘stealth’ approach. You see, when you walk out the front door of your Oregon coast beachfront property, more likely than not you will be the only person on the beach. This means that the clams are all yours.

The photo, above, shows a damaged  Razor clam. These delicious treats actually start burrowing when you start digging, so an experienced Oregon clammer will first spot the telltale dimple in the clean white sand. Then they will dig to the side of the dimple, not over it. Then the race for the clam starts. Can you dig faster than a clam can burrow? Oddly enough, probably not. That must be why they are in such plentiful supply along the Oregon coast. In fact, all of the Lincoln County beaches are able to supply the presistant clammer with a goodly supple of this delicious bivalve mollusk.

Although many restaurants claim to make their chowder exclusively from Razor clams, you will find that your own homemade, locally caught, chowder will win the raves of visitors to your new Oregon coast home with beach views.

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