Living on the Coast November 11, 2011

Newport: The Friendliest… REALLY!

Welcome to Newport Oregon Sign

This sign proclaiming Newport as "The Friendliest" welcomes visitors to town.

I heard a quote one time that stuck with me, “The nice part about living in a small town is that when you don’t know what you’re doing, someone else does.” When I first heard it, I thought it sounded like having nosy neighbors that knew more about your life than you did. Then I moved here and the quote really started to make sense!  I come from a large city, where you can get anything at any time, day or night. That’s not necessarily a good thing, trust me. It can take the value out of people and things. It can also make people faceless and forgettable.

Then I move to a city whose motto is “The Friendliest”. Hmmmm, it sounded like a challenge to me, not an invitation! So I started to test this city’s motto as I began to look for various services that everyone needs when they start to settle down.

I started to ask my friends and my friends’ friends who they call when they need something and I was shocked at how quickly and decisively everyone answered.  And woe to the person who puts their doctor or hair stylist or Real Estate Agent down! Loyalty is definitely alive and kicking on the coast!

So after compiling my list, I started calling and making appointments for various things and everyone was so helpful and yes, I’ll say it, friendly! Everyone I talked to and then went to was accommodating, knowledgeable and fun. No one made me feel like only a number and everyone made me feel welcome.

And now, many years later I still have and will always have my “Go To” people that, if for some reason I couldn’t get in to see them (this has never happened)  I would do without, rather than see someone else. For example: My eyes are solely taken care of by Dr. Hyduchack and his fantastic staff at Newport Vision Center.  My teeth are healthy because of Dr. Parsons and his fabulous staff at Canyon Way Dental Clinic. My hair will ONLY be cut and colored by Robin at Hair Expression. I can walk upright because of Dr. Shones and his enthusiastic crew at Shones Chiropractic! I am healthy because of Dr. Bice and his wonderful staff! And of course I only turn to Windermere for buying and selling homes on the coast (come on, do you really expect me not to plug Windermere every chance I get!)

Don’t get me wrong, there are many, many great businesses in town besides these and I know they are someone else’s “Go To” people.  That’s the beauty of small communities, you find a business that has everything you need and a fun staff and they become more than just business, they become your friends!

So the motto was tested and found to be true. Thank you one and all for making the Oregon Coast a place to call home!