The secret to crabbing on the Oregon Coast

Crabbing in Waldport Oregon

There is one simple secret to extremly productive crabbing on the Oregon Coast. Just drive to the Alsea Bay in the little town of Waldport, 15 miles south of Newport.

The bar at the mouth of the  Alsea (pronounced Al-see) Bay silted up a hundred years ago. Only the smallest of boats ever cross this treacherous opening to the Pacific. However, this means there is no commercial crabbing inside the bay and the crabs have been multiplying there ever since. Oregon charges about $5.00 for a license to crab. The public boat launch in the old town section of Waldport is free and pots can be rented at local businesses near the docks.

The  concept is simple and the results are delicious. Just tie some old fish heads or chicken necks to the bottom of you crab pot and throw it overboard, atttached to a float. Wait 15 minutes and the pull the pot and see how many delicious Dungeness crabs you bring up into the boat. Always observe local regulations, but when last checked the limit was 12 crabs… per person!

This is a great family experience and the sights on the bay are breathtaking. You’ll see sea lions sunning themselves just a few feet from your boat and a vast array of birdlife, even a bald eagle or two. Chances are extremely high that you will be having all the crab you can eat for dinner that night back at you Oregon Coast home.

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4 responses to “The secret to crabbing on the Oregon Coast”

  1. iven87 says:

    Are there places there to crab without a boat?

    • Dean Failor says:

      The answer is “yes” to crabbing without a boat. Yaquina Bay has several docks for fishing and crabbing as does Alsea Bay. Rentals of crab fishing gear are readily available. The best times for crabbing are on the incoming tides. Tide Tables can be found at most motels, hotels and on-line. — Dean Failor

  2. Alberta Olson says:

    How about whale watching? Can we do that i. Waldport?

    • Bernadette Durfey says:

      Hello Alberta-
      Whales migrate up and down the Oregon coast, so there is a chance to see them anywhere you can view the ocean.
      Probably one of the most popular places to whale watch on the Central Oregon Coast is in Depoe Bay, about 28 miles north of Waldport.

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